Tongue-Tie Basics Course

For Physicians, Dentists, and Other Healthcare Professionals

  • Tongue-Tied: How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Speech, Feeding and More

    If you haven't read Dr. Baxter's book yet, this is an excellent, multidisciplinary text describing tongue-ties and their impact on patients throughout the lifespan. All proceeds are going to charity. Available from and

  • Learn more about Tongue- and Lip-Ties From the Courses Below

    Dr. Baxter is in the process of creating several new courses, check back often for new material.

  • Learn How Best to Treat Patients and Their Families Struggling with this Condition

    These easy-to-understand courses demystify tongue-ties and show many cases of patients who were successfully treated and had gains in mobility and function.

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With over 100 slides, 8 videos, and 2 hours of material, this presentation will discuss Assessment, Treating Infants, Treating Children, Available Research, and 9 Case Studies, all without leaving your home! Please note, at this time, no CE credit is able to be given.

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Learn more about this common, but often misunderstood condition.

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